Layers of Meaning

Brenda Overstrom

March 1st - April 28th

Brenda Overstrom is a painter who lives in Yarmouth, Maine. She is a founding member of SEVEN, a collective of Maine-based, abstract painters who most recently had an exhibition at Harlow Gallery. They have also had exhibits at Zero Station, Portland and Frank Brockman  Gallery, Brunswick. She has  also exhibited her work at Oak St Gallery, Portland, the Chocolate Church, Bath, Me and Bouy Gallery in York.

She believes that painting requires the enduring command of the conscience.

She attended Goddard College where she concentrated on weaving and pottery and carefully avoided the painting studio. After working as a pastry chef for the Barefoot Contessa, she attended Sarah Lawrence College where she took her first painting class.

Since then, she has studied with Susan Jane Walp, James Bohary, Wolf Kahn, Sonia Gechtoff, Lennart Anderson, Nicolas Carone, and Dan Gustin. And at the New York Studio School she took drawing classes with Bruce Gagnier and Nicolas Carone. Since moving to Maine, she has studied at the Maine College of Art with Michel Droge.   

"My paintings are about layers and layering - words, marks and colors. I start by writing, drawing or painting on the surface - paper, canvas or panel.  The words are revelations from dreams, drawings are abstractions inspired by something I’ve read or seen in the natural world. During the process of adding, layering and often, wiping off color some of my favorite “places” on the surface are obscured. I love the fact that what I consider to be the most beautiful area is hidden just under the surface.  I hope this work represents a small part of the process, which I am devoted to, of engaging with tensions, both personal and universal, between stasis and creation."